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Words related to Hospital

We have grouped a small set of 31 JLPT N5 Japanese kotoba that are related to a "Hospital"

Note: You must know Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji to learn them.

This is an easy milestone to cross. First few words are important. There are 10 words about body parts. You can, for example, mention, Body Parts are "painful" by using one word "Itai". Let us get started.

List of JLPT N5 words that are related to a "Hospital"

Kanji Kana Romaji Meaning
医者 いしゃ Isha Doctor
病院 びょういん Byouin Hospital
病気 びょうき Byouki Ill, Sick
くすり Kusuri Medicine
風邪 かぜ Kaze A Cold
痛い いたい Itai To Be Painful
問題 もんだい Mondai Problem, Question
優しい やさしい Yasashii Gentle
頼む たのむ Tanomu To Ask, To Request
からだ Karada Body
かお Kao Face
あたま Atama Head
Me Eye
はな Hana Nose
くち Kuchi Mouth
Ha Teeth
みみ Mimi Ear
Te Hand
あし Ashi Leg, Foot
へん Hen Side, Part, Area
せい Sei Height
起きる おきる Okiru To Get Up, To Stand Up
休む やすむ Yasumu To Rest
吸う すう Suu To Breathe, To Smoke
難しい むずかしい Muzukashii Difficult
強い つよい Tsuyoi Strong
元気 げんき Genki Vigor, Health, Vitality
疲れる つかれる Tsukareru To Get Tired
美味しい おいしい Oishii Tasty, Delicious
不味い まずい Mazui Bad Tasting
部屋 へや Heya Room

Now you have completed learning them. Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all JLPT Level N5 Vocabulary.

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