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Kanji is one of the 3 important scripts used in the modern Japanese language writing system. Kanji is originally Chinese characters adopted by Japanese several centuries ago. Even though Chinese characters, a Kanji (or a compound Kanji word), pronounced by Japanese is distinctively different from Chinese pronounciation (with exception to few characters or compound Kanji word).

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Many a times, Just ONE Kanji character will make a word.
For example:
今 means Now.
The reading for 今 is Ima in Romaji.
It can be written as いま in Hiragana.

Most Japanese words can be formed with just TWO Kanji characters.
For example:
今日 means Today.
Similarly we can make multiple words with 今 Kanji added with another Kanji as you can see below
今朝 - This morning
今晩 - This evening
今週 - This week
今月 - This month
今年 - This year

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Knowing the meaning of each and every Kanji character can help in understanding meaning of words formed using one or more Kanji characters. You may not know how to read that Kanji but you can guess what the word means. For example, in the above list you would have noted:

The meaning of this "Ima" Kanji 今 could be NOW or THIS

So next time when you encounter 今 "Ima" Kanji you will know that word is do with "NOW" or "THIS"

You will learn more Kanji words in Japanese words section and in example section of Kanji details found in JLPT Levels.

Before learning the words, first you must learn the Kanji characters.

Learn Japanese Kanji by JLPT Level
Level N5 (is the easiest)
Level N4
Level N3
Level N2
Level N1 (is the toughest)

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For Kanji learning, I have seen people are comfortable learning the Kanji by the Japanese school grade syllabus. By default we are drawn to JLPT when we start learning Japanese. However, once you check out the school syllabus you will find this is kind of easy to complete. Go to kanji.harushi.com to learn more.

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