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Words related to "Foreign"

We have grouped a small set of 9 JLPT N5 Japanese kotoba that are related to "Foreign"

Note: You must know Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji to learn them.

This is an easy milestone to cross. Let us get started.

List of JLPT N5 words that are related to Foreign

Kanji Kana Romaji Meaning
英語 えいご Eigo English Language
外国 がいこく Gaikoku Foreign Country
外国人 がいこくじん Gaikokujin Foreigner
くに Kuni Country
大使館 たいしかん Taishikan Embassy
地図 ちず Chizu Map
まち Machi City, Town
留学生 りゅうがくせい Ryuugakusei Foreign Student
旅行 りょこう Ryokou Travel

Now you have completed learning them. Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all JLPT Level N5 Vocabulary.

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