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Counting time/period

We have grouped a small set of 10 Japanese words that are suffixes for time related words like minutes, hours, days, weeks etc…

Note: You must know Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji to learn them.

This is an easy milestone to cross. Since you already know the numbers, a number followed by these suffixes will produce respective counters

List of JLPT N5 words that indicates counting of period/time

Kanji Kana Romaji Meaning
〜ふん ~fun ~minutes
〜じ ~ji o’clock
〜にち ~nichi …st, ..nd, ..th
週間 〜しゅうかん ~shuukan … weeks
か月 〜かげつ ~kagetsu ~ number of months
〜ねん ~nen ~years
時間 〜じかん ~jikan ~hours (classificator)
〜はん ~han Half~
時計 とけい tokei watch, clock

For all these counters, the usage is simple.
A number followed by the counter is the simplest usage
For example: 2 o clock = 2 ji = ni ji

Only exception is the usage of "han"
which is used to denote "half" hour, i.e 30 min
For example: 2:30 should be said as 2 ji han

Now you have completed learning them. Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all JLPT Level N5 Vocabulary.

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