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Kanji related to Shopping

We have grouped a small set of 12 JLPT N4 Japanese Kotoba that are related to Shopping

All these words have some similarity or related to other words. We remember by seeing the similarity or relation. Some words may get repeated in other groups for the same reason.

This is an easy milestone to cross. Let us get started.

List of JLPT N4 words that are related to Shopping

Kanji Hiragana Meaning
おつり おつり Change From Purchase, Balance
かばん かばん Bag,Basket
ねだん ねだん Price
レジ レジ Register
店員 てんいん Shop Assistant
買い物 かいもの Shopping
売り場 うりば Place Where Things Are Sold
必要 ひつよう Necessary
品物 しなもの Goods
払う はらう To Pay
貿易 ぼうえき Trade
利用 りよう Utilization

Now you have completed learning them. Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all JLPT Level N4 Vocabs.

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