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Kanji related to Conditions

We have grouped a small set of 16 JLPT N4 Japanese Kotoba that are related to Conditions

All these words have some similarity or related to other words. We remember by seeing the similarity or relation. Some words may get repeated in other groups for the same reason.

This is an easy milestone to cross. Let us get started.

List of JLPT N4 words that are related to Conditions

Kanji Hiragana Meaning
いかが いかが How
どっち どっち Which
なぜ なぜ Why
もし もし If
やっと やっと At Last
危険 きけん Danger
具合 ぐあい Condition,Health
決して けっして Never
堅/硬/固い かたい Hard
原因 げんいん Cause,Source
厳しい きびしい Strict
場合 ばあい Situation
代わり かわり Substitute,Alternate
注意 ちゅうい Caution
適当 てきとう Suitability
都合 つごう Circumstances,Convenience

Now you have completed learning them. Congrats. This is a "small success" and a step ahead to completing all JLPT Level N4 Vocabs.

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