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Advantages of JLPT

Some of the advantages of having JLPT certification are:

1. Getting a job in a Japanese company that wants to establish offices/factories abroad:
+ They need Japanese and English speaking bilingual professionals.
+ In addtion some companies expect you to speak your country's native language - expecting you to be a multi-lingual professionals.
+ Japanese are expanding and investing in many countries.
+ Presently India is a hot topic in Japan. So if you can speak Japanese + English + Hindi, you have a great opportunity in a Japanese company

2. Getting a job in a MNC which wants to grow in Japan:
+ They need Japanese speaking bilingual professionals to service their Japanese customers

3. Helps improve your immigration status:
+ Clearing JLPT Level N1 will earn 15 points towards the Japan goverments point based "Preferential Immigration Treatment System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals".
+ Just taking you one step closer to get a Japan's Permanent Resident status

4. Studying in Japan:
in some Japanese educational institution
+ or working in some Japanese educational institution

5. To work in certain medical profession:
+ as Medical practitioner
+ as Nurse
+ as a caregiver

For Point 1 and Point 2, most of the companies interested in hiring a professional who is fluent in Japanese language. But for your resume to get considered, recruiters look for Japanese language certification - preferrably JLPT certification.

More about JLPT can be found in their official website.

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