Learn Japanese using JLPT syllabus

There are many websites, apps and tools in the internet to learn Japanese.

Here is an attempt to learn Japanese using the JLPT syllabus. Basically you learn Japanese language and also get certified in JLPT.

So What is JLPT?

There are many advantages of having a JLPT certification - For eg: it helps with immigration status, to advance your career.

I saw the advantages and started learning JLPT by various methods which I will be writing in this website. Through out the website, I will provide TIPS for learning and remembering Japanese language .

I am interested in Creating UX/UI Designing. Trying to use my self taught skills to give you an excellent User Experience when you are here in this site. Continously working in creating beautifully designed pages with right content and ease of navigation in mobile as well as desktop.

Any suggestions / request for making this site better are welcome.
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You can browse this site for JLPT level Kanji and Vocabulary (Words or Kotoba in Japanese language)

I have organized as per 5 levels of JLPT.

NOTE: We are currently upgrading our site to incorporate mobile friendly interface and many more features. Hence some of the links are disabled for a few days.

Browse Japanese Words by JLPT Level
Level N5 (is the easiest)
Level N4
Level N3
Level N2
Level N1 (is the toughest)

Browse Japanese Kanji by JLPT Level
Level N5 (is the easiest)
Level N4
Level N3
Level N2
Level N1 (is the toughest)

I have seen many Japanese people are using this site to brush up their English Vocab skills as well. In this update, I have added some changes to make the best of using this site.

For Kanji learning, I have seen people are comfortable learning the Kanji by the Japanese school grade syllabus. By default we are drawn to JLPT when we start learning Japanese. However, once you check out the school syllabus you will find this is kind of easy to complete. Go to kanji.harushi.com to learn more.

Enjoy Learning :-)

About Learn fast tool:
When I prepared for JLPT, I made a tool that would help me LEARN FAST and REMEMBER the Kanji and words easily.

This tool, LearnFast, was developed in VB in 2002 time frame.
There are many who have got benefited by this tool.

Now the technology have changed and the tool cannot be executed in present day computers. I am planning to create a HTML5 version / an iOS App / Android App.

If you any one is interested in the old tool or to work in development of the new version please contact me: hello@hokuseijapan.com

Contact us: hello@hokuseijapan.com