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We have converted all kanji and kotoba text as images so that you can browse them on your English only computers. Follow the links. List of JLPT Kanji Level 4 | Level 3 | Level 2 and List of JLPT Kotoba Level 4 | Level 3 | Level 2

If you have Japanese fonts installed in your computer, search for Japanese kanji or kotoba (word) dictionary


Or Browse them

JLPT Kanji Dictionary for Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 // JLPT Kotoba(word) dictionary for Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4// Kana Hiragana | Katakana focuses on teaching Japanese language and concentrates mainly on the kanji/kotoba for JLPT. Using quiz based tutorials you can learn faster and test your skills simultaneously.

What is JLPT?
JLPT is Japanese Language Proficiency Test. This is conducted every year on on 1st week of December. There are totally 4 levels, with level 1 being the toughest. Click here for more details

Prepare for JLPT, the fastest way. Browse through the JLPT materials and take a quiz using the quiz master program with different levels of quiz materials. Follow the links.

Beginners can aim for Level 3. Using the information and tools available in, you can easily score above 70%.


Click here to learn 080 Kanji Level 4 Kanji  
Click here to learn 700+ Kotobas (words) Level 4 Kotoba
Click here to learn 165 Kanji Level 3 Kanji  
Click here to learn 640+ Kotobas (words) Level 3 Kotoba
Click here to learn 739 Kanji Level 2 Kanji  

Click here to learn 4700+ Kotobas (words) includes level 3 & 4 Level 2 Kotoba

Kanji: For Level 3 and Level 4 put together, there are about 245 Kanji explained here. The details for each kanji include its onyomi, kunyomi, meaning of the kanji, vocabulary formed using this kanji, the meaning of those vocabs, its radical and hints (if any). Most important feature of the Kanji description table includes the Kanji displayed in different font size and style. Many times the same font will look different to our eyes. So to get used to it, this feature has been added.

For level 2 about 739 Kanji is explained in this site. With basic information like its onyomi, kunyomi and meaning.

Kotoba: All the JLPT Kotobas (words) are explained with Kanji reading, kana reading and its meaning.

Register with us to get update. Send us a mail if you need explanation for a Kanji or a Japanese word. Contact us now.


General Japanese words: Download and Read General Japanese words. These are available as neatly formatted xls files. Ready to print.

After you have read the kanji and words,
test your skills using the Quiz Master tool available in this page.

Test NOW

If you have Japanese study materials, please feel free to post it to us. We will format it and upload in this site. Email to jlptsite_at_harushi_dot_com

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Site optimized for FireFox (1024 x 768)